About Us

Easy-Figure Sin Dieta MR is a company concerned with people´s well-being. For this reason, it has developed 100% natural products that help personal care. At Easy-Figure Sin Dieta MR, we care about your well-being, for this reason, we constantly submit our products to clinical and scientific studies and analyzes that guarantee their efficacy and quality.

100% Guanajuatense company, dedicated to the manufacture and commercialization of naturist products, originating from Mexican herbalism. It has built a solid reputation in a difficult and competitive market for naturist products, at the national and international level.

We started our history in 1996, with the creation of the "Easy-Figure Sin Dieta MR" brand based on the search for products by combining seeds, cereals, and plant mixtures.

Due to its acceptance, it became necessary to create a network of distributors to make it reach different points, where it was required. Then a Great Working Family emerged, which is made up of mothers and fathers, single mothers, widows, etc. That as good entrepreneurs, they started their first business achieving success and the possibility of starting different companies.

In this way, EASY FIGURE LAB provides products MADE IN MEXICO, 100% natural of plant origin focused on the search for personal well-being. Which are submitted to studies and laboratory tests that support their quality. Thus, one of the few companies in the field that has scientific studies such as Fine Chromatography. Thus offering a wide range of quality products, intended for both interior and exterior personal care.


Accompany our consumers to reach an optimal level of health through 100% natural food supplements, of international quality, backed by high technology; offering our experience and commitment to the well-being of people.


To be a leading company and an international benchmark for wellness with natural products, contributing to the creation of jobs in society.


Team work
Attention and Service

In this company, we don´t discriminate due to race religion, sexual orientation, physical, or socio-economic condition, or for any other reason.

Quality Control

I.Q. Angel Alberto Canchola Pérez
Professional Certificate No. 6569859


Dr. Jorge Molina Torres
Biotechnology & Biochemistry